Oswaldo Vigas


Born in Valencia, Venezuela - 1924

Died Caracas, Venezuela - 2014

1942 to 1951
Presents his first works. Receives his first recognitions, 1943, Honor medal from Arturo Michelena Hall. 1951, Finishes his medical studies at Universidad Central de Venezuela. Receives The Lastenia Michelena Award At The Arturo Michelena Hall.

Receives The National Plastic Art Prize, The John Boulton Prize, The Arturo Michelena Prize. Presents his first exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts
Began his work in Paris, France.

Began courses at the L'Ecole des Beaux Arts and Sorbonne University
Joins Carlos Raúl Villanueva with five murals at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Presents his exhibitions at the Salon de Mai, Salon Réalités Nouvelles and Avoir Donner in Paris, France.

A collective exhibit is presented at the Musée d'art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France with the participation of Léger, Arp, Bloch, Laurens, Pevsner, Lobo, Vasarely, Vigas.
With the patronage of the Smithsonian Institute, a group of exhibitions is presented in different cities of the United Sates.
Represents Venezuela at the Venice Biennial.

Represents Venezuela at the Sao Paulo Biennial.
Presents an individual exhibition at the Pittsburgh Carnegie International Center.
Meets Pablo Picasso.

An individual exhibit is presented at the Galerie La Roue, Paris, France.
In a collective exhibition at the Houston Museum receives a prize by Cundo Bermudez and Armando Morales.

Presents an individual exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid, Spain.
Receives the Puebla de Bolívar Award in Caracas, Venezuela.

Appointed as Cultural Attaché in the Venezuelan Embassy.
Presents exhibitions in Bogotá, Colombia; Nebraska and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Presents individuals exhibitions at Galerie La Rue and Galerie Neufville, Paris, France.

Joins a collective exhibition at the Venezuelan-Israeli Institute of New York,; Galerie La Ruoue: Galerie Neufville; Galerie Creuze, Rabat Museum and the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.
Is appointed Commissary at the Venice Biennial.

Receives for the second time the Arturo Michelena Award.
Presents his first Engraving exhibition.

Resides in Caracas, Venezuela.
Collective exhibitions are presented in Caracas.

Presents his first exhibition of tapestry.
Presents his work at the Latin-American Art Biennial in Colombia where he receives the Honor Award.

Presents his works at the Salon de Mai, Paris, France; Durban Gallery, Caracas and other collective exhibitions.

An individual exhibition at the National Art Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela is presented. Galería Venezuela, París, France. Museum of Fine Arts, Caracas, Venezuela. Christie's, New York, USA.

His first individual exhibition of bronze is presented at the Durban Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela. Collective exhibition at the opening of the Bolivarian Museum, Santa Marta Colombia. Collective participation at Sotheby's, New York, USA.
A work of Vigas is given to President François Mitterrand during his official visit to Caracas, Venezuela.

Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas, paints, sculptures, tapestry and drawings. A book written by Gaston Diehl is released.
Latin American Today Drawings at the San Diego Museum.
Latin American Masters, Boston, USA.
Awarded with the Prince Rainier III Prize.
Museum La Monnaie, Paris, France presents an individual exhibition.
Galerie Corinne Timsit, Paris, France. Galerie La Tour des Cardinaux, Paris, France.

Sotheby's, New York, USA.
FIA 97, Caracas, Venezuela. Art Miami 98 with the Aldo Castillo Gallery (Chicago, USA)
Four Latin American Artists, New York, USA. Art Festival of Biarritz, France

One Heart, One World, itinerant exhibition through France, USA, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil and Japan.
Individual exhibition at the Miura Museum of Tokyo.
FIA 2000

FIA 2001 with Aldo Castillo Gallery.