Born in Caracas - Venezuela, Annette Turrillo focuses her main theme in women

She studied and graduated in 1985, as an Architect at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Central University of Venezuela, she practiced for a short time his profession of Architect.

She traveled to Paris France in 1995 to devote himself exclusively to painting and to undertake a search both plastic and spiritual. 

She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Paris VIII University, France, as well as specializations in Engraving, Drawing and Screen Printing Techniques.

Her works have been presented in multiple individual and collective exhibitions, as well as in international art fairs. Annette Turrillo focuses her main theme on women, questioning the female metaphysical quality and its eternal condition of the feminine. Through the representation of faces, bodies, breasts, hands, within an atmospheric scene of limitless proportions, each work is a visual passage that exalts the introspection of the individual and the sensual or fertile condition of the woman as a sign of life itself.

Submerged in the unfathomable labyrinths of being, Annette also inquiries about her own condition as a woman, her works are also constituted as a self-expression and are the faithful mirror reflection of her own vision of herself. As an artist, as a woman, she is also the nodal center of her permanent philosophical interrogation.

She currently lives and works in Paris and travels regularly to Caracas, Venezuela and Miami, USA.