Asdrúbal Colmenárez

He was born in Trujillo, Venezuela in 1936; he currently lives and works in Paris, France.

His art has taking him to work as Contemporary Art Professor at the University of Vincennes, Paris VIII since 1973. He has been invited to represent his country in many international salons and biennial exhibitions, among them the Paris Biennial in 1969, and the Havana Biennial in 1983 and 1985.

His great merit as an artist moved the organizers of the Guayana Biennial to dedicate the II edition of this event to his name. During his professional track record he has received economical support from different institutions: In 1970 he received money from the French government, during 1970-1972 he received a scholarship from the National Culture Council, and in 1978 he received a grant for research from the Guggenheim Foundation.

Solo Exhibits
1976 Museum of Arts- Caracas, Venezuela
1978 Children’s Museum of Modern Art- Paris, France
1980 National Art Gallery- Caracas, Venezuela
1981 Reattu Museum- Paris, France
1987 K Gallery- Tokyo, Japan
1989 Bolivar Hall- London, England
1989 CELARG Foundation- Caracas, Venezuela
1989 Isep- Vicennes, France
1989 Uno Gallery- Caracas, Venezuela
1991 National Art Gallery- Caracas, Venezuela
1991 Jesus Soto Museum- Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela
1991 Obra Monumental- Coro, Venezuela
1991 Obra Monumental- Caracas Metro, Venezuela
1992 Naito Gallery- Nagoya, Japan
1992 Obra Monumental- Minimikata, Japan
1993 Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas, Sofia Imber- Caracas, Venezuela
1993 Fenix Gallery- Caracas, Venezuela
1996 Museum of Visual Arts Alejandro Otero- Caracas, Venezuela
1996 Arts Forum Gallery- Caracas, Venezuela
1996 Leo Blasini Gallery- Caracas, Venezuela
1997 Procter& Gamble Mural- Caracas, Venezuela
1998 Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas, Sofia Imber-Caracas, Venezuela
1999 Electra Space- Paris, France
1999 National Hall Arturo Michelena- Valencia, Venezuela
1999 Sculptures First Simposium- Utuado, Puerto Rico
2000 Medicci Gallery- Caracas, Venezuela
2000 Museum of Art- Caracas, Venezuela
2001 Corp-Banca Cultural Foundation Hall- Caracas, Venezuela
2001 El Carabobeño Cultural Foundation Hall- Valencia, Venezuela

Represented by
Museum of Art, Caracas, Venezuela
Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas, Sofia Imber, Caracas, Venezuela
National Art Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela
Corp-Banca Cutural Foundation Hall
Medicci Gallery
Ateneo of Valencia, Valencia, Venezuela
Museum of Contemporary Art of Maracay Mario Abreu
Banco Central de Venezuela